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Explore and Invest in Private Markets
Diversify your portfolio and enhance returns with a wide-range of Alternative Investments options
Pre-IPO Placement
Private sale of large blocks of shares in private companies which target to be publicly listed.
Private Unicorn Shares
Extraordinary startup companies, typically backed by VC in disrupting industries.
Private Equity Fund
Directly invest in companies. Alternative form of private financing.
Hedge Fund
Managed Alternative Investments that employ non-traditional strategies.
Private Debt
Debts held by or extended to private companies.
Real Assets
Physical assets such as real estate, energy, and infrastructure.
Venture Capital Funds
Pooled investment funds of startups and SME with strong growth potential.
Your First-class Alternative Investment Platform
Reasons you should choose Altive
Robust Fund Selection Process
Wide range of top-tier products, carefully sourced, screened and managed.
Low Investment Threshold
Small minimum ticket size at 100k USD for institutional-quality investment opportunities.
Short Lock-up Period
Enable shorter lock-up periods compared to traditionally up to years.
One-stop Digital Experience
100% online - seamless and secure digital experience without paperwork burden.

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“Altive is leading a change to the alternative investment industry in both Asia and global markets.”

- Hardy Liu, Managing Partner, Altive
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Meet the Team
Senior Asset Management Experts from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and around the globe.
Hardy Liu, CFA
Managing Partner
Previously Macquarie Asset Management / ICBC Asia
Nick Wong
Managing Partner
Previously Macquarie Asset Management
Cheney Cheng
Fund Director
Previously Sino Capital / Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Chris Brookman
Managing Partner
Previously Macquarie Asset Management / ING
Sam Gibson
Managing Partner
Previously HSBC / Man Group
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